fine art


music video

Hollow is the story about overcoming emptiness and obstacles by fighting back on your own. The character goes through difficult scenes and finds a way to push through filling up his hollow-ness. Animated fully in 3D, the music video imitates oil paintings coming to life, inspired by the fully painted "Loving Vincent".


all inclusive


All Inclusive is my concept of presenting nPloy‘s recruitment panel as a summer resort. You enter through the laptop and explore the features: the database represents the people at the pool, the lifeguards are the recruiters, there’s a monitoring room where they can pick out talents, and a bar that serves the other bonuses you get when you’re subscribed.


шум в кутия

short film

Noise in a box is a personal short film about the influence of TV on our mental health. With every evening emission the character loses her mind and starts seeing her food turning into gruesome objects related to the terrible news she's hearing. Finally she finds out that the world is not as depicted on TV and she gets rid of it to feel better.



personal film

HUMAN is a personal short film about the way an artist sees the human body. Through paint strokes the bodies on the ground morphe into the artist's sketch. The physical turns into art in the creator's point of view.



Visual medley of animation and concepts for clients. More specifically campaign creative work, graphic design executions, storyboarding for pitching and motion graphics for corporate companies.

Poster Image
ISKUSHENIA | Acrylics on canvas, 80x100cm 2022
2021 | Acrylics on canvas, 150x100cm 2021
2020 | Acrylics on wood, 100x140cm 2020
Poster Image
Poster Image
VPLETENI | Two versions, Acrylics on canvas 2021/2023